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Renewing a Driver’s License?

Verify your Identity through the Real ID Program and avoid the stress of TSA at the airport! Effective January 22, 2018, TSA will only accept state-issued driver’s licenses or identification cards if they are issued by a REAL ID compliant state* or a non-compliant state with an extension. As always, travelers may use alternate forms […]

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U.S. Passport and Travel Tips

Here are a few items to consider when traveling outside the United States. Stay informed! Information is always being updated. For the latest information please go to: Passport and Travel Tips Your passport is your ticket for international travel by air, sea and land. If you are 16 or older your passport is valid […]


Spirit Airways – Learn to fly & Save (BARE FARE)

Pros & Cons….You decide Although Spirit Airways advertises some of the lowest fares among the industry beware of all the extra ‘ADD ON’s’. Sometimes price is NOT your best value! You can bring 1 FREE personal item. 18”x14”8” bag (laptop size). If bringing a carry-on or checked bag, it’s best to plan ahead and book […]

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Travel Tips for a Stress Free Flight

Tips for a Stress-Free Flight Experience If it’s your first time flying or you need some advice about your flight, simply contact me and I’ll help to make your air travel as comfortable and smooth as possible. You can also check out TSA’s website for current travel guidelines. A stress free flight is just an […]

Iceland – Best time to Visit & Why

Iceland is becoming one of the most famous and popular vacation places to visit and this why! Although darkness prevails about 20 hours a day and most days’ temps won’t make it above freezing, winter is the most popular time of the year to travel to this beautiful destination. You ask yourself why would I […]

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Travel Insurance

There’s really no better way to protect your vacation investment than by purchasing travel insurance. With the possibility of cancellations, flight delays, lost luggage or passports, medical emergencies and any other unexpected incident, travel insurance can provide the reassurance and peace of mind that you need. TravelSafe Insurance is one the industry’s leading travel insurance […]

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Renewing a U.S. Passport

Renewing your U.S. Passport Everyone regardless of age must have their own passport to travel Internationally by air. Eligibility In order to acquire a US Passport, you must be a citizen by birth or naturalization. You can renew your current or expired passport unless any of the following has occurred. Issued prior to your 16th […]


Plan your vacation for 2016

Now is the time to plan your vacation for 2016! We are pleased to be connected with TRAVSEARCH. This is our travel search site connected through our host agency. This is customized for TMB Lets Travel clients to see the latest deals and travel information. Updated frequently to make sure you get all the latest […]

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Why should you use a travel professional?

They said the job was a dead end. Travel agents would go the way of the dinosaur. That was at the beginning of the internet revolution. Computers and automation are taking over. People will be out of a job before we know it. All the doom and gloom people were prophesying the end of many […]