The heart and soul of the Caribbean

Destination: Jamaica

Description of Area: 3rd largest Caribbean island - mountainous, rainforest, deep valley's & lovely coves.
Accommodations: All-Inclusive resorts, villas and guest houses, boutique/chic

Money Exchange: In Jamaica they use the Jamaican dollar as currency but will gladly accept American’s cash. Licensed cambio centers and commercial banks are accessible in all resort areas. The official currency exchange rates vary daily, so it’s advisable to shop around for the best rate before converting your cash. Most Jamaican ATMs accept international bank cards with Visa, MasterCard, Cirrus and Plus logos. Banks also give credit card advances, change traveler’s checks among other financial services.

Entry Requirements

US Citizens

  • Passport - Residents
  • Alien resident card (Green card) together w/passport of country citizenship

Canadian Citizens

  • Passport or valid government issued identification w/photograph along with birth certificate
  • Residents - Canadian permanent resident card & passport of their country of citizenship

Time Zone: Eastern Time Zone - does NOT observe Daylight Savings time (Nov - Mar…same time as us)

Language: Official language English - Jamaicans converse using "Patois" a dialogue full of intriguing phrases.

Getting there: 3 airports, Montego Bay being the most popular amongst travelers.

  • (KIN) - Norman Manley International Airport
    Located in Kingston, use this airport if you’re visiting the capital city, Port Antonio, Kingston (1 ½ hrs, toll road) or heading to the beautiful Blue Mountains. Efficient transport can be arranged to take you to the domestic airport in Kingston, Tinson Pen, where flights are available to other parts of the island. Car rentals, taxi services and tour operators are located in the Arrivals Ground Transportation Hall to help you get to your destination, safely and happily.
  • (MBJ) - Sangster International Airport
    Located in Montego Bay, most tourists land here. It's the better port of entrance if you're headed to Montego Bay, Ocho Rios or Negril. In addition to international terminals, this airport has a domestic terminal with local flights that depart regularly to Kingston, Negril, Port Antonio and Ocho Rios. Taxis, hotel shuttles and car rental companies are available to help you get to your final destination.
  • Ian Fleming International Airport
    Our newest international airport, the Ian Fleming International Airport, is located in the Ocho Rios resort area. It is a convenient entry point to Jamaica's north coast for small aircraft. Many of Jamaica's renowned villas and resorts are only minutes away. For your convenience, car rentals, taxi services and shuttles are easily arranged.

Airlines that operate from U.S. & Canada – All major airlines, Air Canada, Caribbean Air, Canjet, Spirit, Air Transit, Westjet Vacations.

Travel tips:

  • Driving: Public transportation - Buses, mini buses, route taxi's
    • Outside Kingston - don't recommend driving - be careful of taxi's
    • Drive British – Left side of the road. 21 years old to rent and operate (rural roads are often narrow, windy & bumpy). DO NOT RECOMMEND!
  • JUTA - Jamaica Union of Travelers Association) drivers. Licensed by the Jamaican Tourist Board
    • Educated on the culture, geography, flora & fauna
    • Must have a reputable tourism enterprise to be licensed and well maintained vehicles


  • Montego Bay - Negril (52 miles) - < 1 1/2 hours
  • Montego Bay - Ocho Rios (67 miles) - < 2 hours
  • Ocho Rios - Port Antonio (66 miles) - < 2 1/2 hours
  • Ocho Rios - Kingston (54 miles) < 1 1/2 hours
  • Port Antonio - Kingston (61 miles) - < 2 hours

Best time to Visit: Climate - Tropical 80's - 90's all year - lower 33 in the mountains. NE trade winds and mountain breezes help keep the climate pleasant along the coast.

  • 2 Rainy Seasons: May - June & September - November
  • Rain generally comes in the form of short tropical afternoon showers
  • Hurricanes: June-September …IF they happen tend to pass over the island

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