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My name is Tammy Bosse, a Connecticut Travel Agent, traveling has always been a passion of mine since I’ve been a little girl.

Born and raised in Connecticut I have traveled all over New England, my passion for travel kept pulling me further and further away. I started working with a local travel agent and enjoyed the process of vacation planning.

Traveling became a hobby and soon I was planning these awesome trips for my family and friends.

Sometimes it would take weeks looking for that perfect spot to spend a nice relaxing vacation. Looking up tours and excursions – research, research and more research. Trying to find the best value possible. Thoroughly enjoying the process of researching and booking travel. I was hooked! A lifelong dream of being the best Connecticut Travel Agent was being intensified!

An opportunity presented itself to teach as a guest Country Line Dance Instructor on a trip, joking I kept saying, I’d love to be a travel agent. Wished I could do this! That was early 2015 and when we started TMB Let’s Travel!

"We are a Connecticut based travel agency that are focused towards bringing you the best travel opportunities and the greatest value for your most precious commodity - your time!"

What type of vacation are you looking for? Take a look at one of our group trips, all-inclusive vacations or some fantastic cruises!

We specialize in:

Let your next experience be your best experience and book with TMB Let’s Travel…. Let’s Make Memories together!

Making Memories... Leaving Footprints

Safe Travels,

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