Spirit Airways – Learn to fly & Save (BARE FARE)

Pros & Cons….You decide

Although Spirit Airways advertises some of the lowest fares among the industry beware of all the extra ‘ADD ON’s’. Sometimes price is NOT your best value!

You can bring 1 FREE personal item. 18”x14”8” bag (laptop size).

If bringing a carry-on or checked bag, it’s best to plan ahead and book on line at spirit.com where it will cost less than purchasing at the airport.

Additional Charges:

  • Carry-On Bags: $35.00 One Way
  • Checked Bags: $30.00 One Way
  • Drinks: $3.00 16.oz bottle of water (one way)
  • Snacks: $3.50 (one way)
  • $10.00 charge to Check In (Agent counter support)
    • Best to print boarding passes at home

What is missing:

  • No In flight entertainment
  • No reclining seats
  • No Wi-Fi
  • No Magazines
  • Added extra rows – less leg room (May purchase seat options with added leg room at an additional cost)
  • No seat assignments (May purchase seat assignment at an additional cost, or they will be assigned at gate)

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