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Port vs. Starboard: Does It Matter?

Port vs. Starboard - Does It Matter

For the most part, you will have a pretty similar experience regardless of the side of the ship on which
your cabin is located. Standard cabins will be identical (but possibly with mirrored layouts),
whether they’re on the port or starboard side. When you’re in the open ocean, the view is
pretty much the same, and when docked, a ship can tie up on either side, so one side does
not consistently have better views in port.

During scenic cruising, such as Glacier Bay in Alaska or the Napali Coast in Hawaii, the
captain will usually turn the ship 360 degrees so both sides get good views, and when
surrounded by really dramatic scenery, you’re better off on the top deck than in your cabin

One instance when port versus starboard could make a difference is if you’re on a cruise
that generally sails in one direction, such as a one-way north or southbound Alaska cruise.
On these itineraries, choose a port side cabin to see sunsets if you’re sailing north or west,
or to see sunrise if you’re sailing south or east. Choose starboard for the opposite view.

Port vs. Starboard: Does It Matter?

The one person that will truly know is your travel agent. Travel agents have inside information about which way the ships travel and special places to get the best views. Some times can even tell you when they ship is docked which side is better!

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