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15 Tips to Planning the Perfect Honeymoon

Here are a few tips that will ensure your honeymoon experience is romantic, memorable, and completely stress-free!

  1. honeymoon - romantic - planing the perfect honeymoonStart planning early (9-12 months in advance) and enlist the help of TMB Let’s Travel as your professional travel agent.
  2. Set a budget and be realistic. With the urgency of the wedding, you do not want to lose sight of your dream honeymoon. Remember this is a once-in-a-lifetime trip and it should be spectacular.
  3. Do NOT plan your honeymoon by yourself. Get your fiancé involved and discuss your idea of the perfect honeymoon, so you can both enjoy it.
  4. Do NOT allow friends and relatives to plan your honeymoon.
  5. Make your dream come true! Your honeymoon should be special and memorable. With proper planning, you can make it happen.
  6. Book your honeymoon in your maiden name – Your documents must match your passport and chances are if you travel right after the wedding, you will not have time to renew it.
  7. Schedule your activities and tours in the middle of your trip so you can have some time to relax after your flight.
  8. Four to six days of the trip should be unstructured with nothing pre-planned. Weddings are exhausting and you will need rest. After the stress of planning your wedding, take some time to kick back and relax together.
  9. kissing-couple-romantic-honeymoonTake time to enjoy each other–understand that you are both exhausted from the wedding and traveling so be patient and pamper yourselves. Turn off cell phones!
  10. Buy a new perfume or cologne that you have never worn before and wear it the entire trip. That scent will forever remind you of your honeymoon.
  11. Prior to your trip, scan and email yourself a copy of your passport and itinerary in case you lose it, also leave a copy with a friend or relative.
  12. Be ready to go to a fancy restaurant. Most resorts have upscale restaurants that require formal attire (long dress, closed toes shoes, long pants).
  13. Honeymoon registry. Most resorts offer a honeymoon registry so your guests can help you get your dream honeymoon.
  14. Protect your investment. For a small amount you can purchase travel insurance to cover health issues, cancellations, lost luggage, etc. There’s no better time to try a new activity or adventure than during your honeymoon!
  15. Plan surprises for each other: swim-out suite, private beach candlelit dinner, couples massage, helicopter or limo transfers, horseback riding, swimming with dolphins, snorkeling, butler service, Spanish steps in Rome, you name it!

You can contact TMB Let’s Travel directly for assistance. I can answer questions about your passport or other travel docs you may need! I am here to help you plan that PERFECT Honeymoon!

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