The Gift of Travel

This holiday Season consider the Gift of Travel

Gift of Travel - Kaeleigh - Disney

Everyone enjoys receiving new things. But how many new sweaters, shirts & ties can one person possibly acquire over the years?

Gift of Travel - SURPRISE GIRLS

Looking back at all the gifts we have given and received, gifts of travel that included an experience are the ones most remembered. We can’t count the number of times our daughter or grand kids have told stories from our travels. Looking back at photo albums and discussing our travels brings smiles to all our faces.

So, this holiday season, instead of buying someone another gift or gadget that they may not need or use why not consider giving them something everyone loves and that’s an opportunity to get away! Treasure the look on their faces when they open that card that has a Gift Card they can use to put towards their dream vacation, an all-expense paid trip or a picture of a Bed & Breakfast weekend to share with a loved one.

Gift of Travel - SURPRISE GIRLS - Vacation accessories.Want to give a gift as well, create a gift basket with little items to go along with your theme. It’s so exciting and everyone will remember this for years to come! I did this for our grandchildren for a special trip to Disney and the girls loved it!

The gift of travel yields memories that will last forever, and creates new friendships worldwide that will last long after your trip.


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Gift of Travel - Skylar - Kaeleigh - Pluto - Disney

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